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Encounter Kauai provides a positive, life-changing opportunity for the promotion and presentation of expanded consciousness, enlightened awareness, Hawaiian shamanism and holistic health. Enjoying week long intensive retreats and specialized day adventures held on the beautiful Garden Isle, our guests will be treated to a rich variety of transformational experiences and activities based on a holistic mind-body-spirit fusion.


Hear your music for the first time. Together, 4Front and Subband bring you OSS 3D for iTunes®! OSS 3D; utilizes state-of-the-art DSP (digital signal processing) technology that allows you to add bass frequencies, spatialization, 3D surround sound and numerous other real-time enhancements to your music when played through iTunes.


The Edge Of Kauai Investigations conducts independent research and provides one day guided educational hiking excursions of Kauai through a sub-company, KAUAI NATURE TOURS. TEOK aslo provides one-week science seminars for high school science teachers and college science porofessors on the integrated physical and biological aspects of the natural environment and cultural history of the isolated volcanic mountain/islands of Hawaii.


An amazing photography web site with inovative images from around the world. "If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite." BLAKE This site also has an excellent literature section of poetry, short stories and screenplays. "Self expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment." PEARL S. BUCK


Adam Snider lives on Kauai has been working with Apple computers for more than 16 years. He a host on a computer talk show(KKCR) Kauai public radio.


An excellent shareware site with many inventive applications. Run by Julian Miller on Kauai he creates useful, fun and essential shareware for Macintosh and Windows since 1986 including CopyPaste, iKey, iClock, KnowledgeMiner, iSay, iWatermark

www.purekauai.com With Pure Kauai, every aspect of your Hawaiian getaway is carefully created to deliver the vacation experience of a lifetime. We also create unforgettable honeymoon vacations and romantic retreats that raise the standard for luxury travel.  

E Komo Mai: Welcome to Aunty Angeline’s “Mu’olaulani”: (A place for young buds to bloom.)Over the past 20 years her center for the practice of Hawai’ian healing arts has indeed been a place where "young buds" , the inner connection with "Mauli Ola", the source of life, the eternal reality that all beings are a part of, continue to "bloom".

Our friends on Kauai and favorite links.

The best site to plan your Hawaii vacation. All the information you need on one amazing page. Find local products and services by viewing logos and exploring with your mouse. Aloha.


The name says it all. An excellent audio tour of Kauai with historical facts, fascinating information, hikes, activities, and adventures. Find out what roads to take to avoid traffic, detailed directions to unpublished hikes and sites. Available in CD and Pod Cast.


A real Kauai gem the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork offers professional trainings with a combination of the development of high level skills, knowledge and presence, with special attention to learning about oneself. PCAB is licensed by the Hawaii State Department of Education and the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The Programs offered are Approved and Licensed by Hawaii Department of Education Approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork


A Source for Yoga Instruction on the Hawaiian Islands
The pineapple has long time been known as a healing agent and welcoming sign of the HAWAIIAN ISLANDS. We at PINEAPPLE YOGA wish to welcome you to explore and heal yourself through yoga here in this tropical paradise. Mahalo!

www.hawaiihealthguide.com The best online directory for helath related events in Hawaii.

Other screensaver and photography links that might be helpful.

www.screensaver.com - A plethora of free screensavers for the PC.

www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/icons_screensavers/ - Lots of amazing shareware and freeware downloads for the Mac.

www.love-peace-happiness.com -artist Satoshi Matsuyama, was a a top 30 finalist out of thousands in the 2005 Macworld Expo Digital Art Contest. All his works are of Nature, its Lights and its Colors. These three gifts from our creator are combined in a collage of 100's of digital photographs. Each collage a testimony to the powers of nature to create life.

www.freesaver.com - no shareware, no nags, only freeware. Browse and choose from over 1600 free Windows screensavers organised in 16 categories, or use our search engine to locate a specific screensaver. All listed screensavers have been scanned for adware, spyware and viruses.

www.elitesavers.com a big PC screensaver site.

www.free-search.com - Absolutely Free Screen Savers, yet another big PC free screensaver site.

www.webshots.com - With 23 million* monthly visitors and over 218 million photos to explore, Webshots is the world's largest photo sharing site.

www.screensavershot.com -The Top 2,746 Free Screen Savers, along with Sneak Peeks all for the PC.

www.1stscreensavers.com -This is a hand maintained directory of FREE Screensaver sites and freeware screensaver resources from around the web. Only the best Free Screensaver sites and freeware screen saver resources get listed here.

www.macscreensavers.com -Scouring the Web, Blinky reviews and evaluates all manner of screen savers. Check out his previews, read reviews and marvel at Blinky‘s Thumb Rating scheme. Download screen savers exclusively for the Macintosh.

www.pure-mac.com/screensaver.html One of the few Mac screensaver sites with a big selection.

www.applescreensavers.com -Very classy Mac screensaver site.

Public Domain Images at Gimp-Savvy- A Community-Indexed Photo Archive. The photo archive at Gimp-Savvy.com has more than 27,000 free photos and images, consisting of over 2.5 Gbytes of data.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Public Domain Images - Looking for images related to fish and wildlife? The US Fish and Wildlife Service have hundreds online, and thousands more to come.... Links to National Image Library.

NASA Public Domain Aircraft image gallery - NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Collection. This collection contains digitized photos of many of the unique research aircraft flown at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards, California. These images date from the 1940s to the present. No copyright protection is asserted for these photographs.

Free Photographs, Free Screensavers from Pat McNulty Fine Art Photography. This free screensvers site has lots of high qualith photographs for use as desktop wallpapers. There are also free photographic image screensavers.

Free Foto Public Domain Images - FreeFoto.com is the largest collections of free photographs for private non-commercial use on the Internet.

Images of American Political History Public Domain Images - A collection of over 500 public domain images of American Political History.

American History Public Domain Images - Good resource as jumping off page to other Public Domain photos and free resources, plus information on copyright issues.

Free Travel and City Screensavers - Great selection of free photo-quality travel and place screensavers on this page. Picture screensavers of capital cities, London, Washington - American States, Holiday and Scenic screensavers.

Free Screensavers and over 1000 Free Wallpapers - Free Screensavers and over 1000 Free Wallpers. High quality free photographic screensavers and wallpares from this site. Categories include: America and Patriotic, Animals, Automobiles, Lighthouses, Holidays, Motivational, Nature, and Space. Photographs for wallpapers are available for immediate download and saving to your hard drive.

Cloud Eight Free Screensavers - Cloud Eight Free Screensavers has beautiful images, graphics, and photos for your desktop. Cloudeight Screen Savers are high-quality, easy-to-install screen savers and every one of the Cloudeight Screen Savers are FREE. The free screen savers feauture great art, photography, stunning digital images, and beautiful music. A useful free screen saver site with original high quality photographic screensavers. There is a members only section for access to some of the free screensavers here.

BJ's ScreenSavers - Featuring original nature and wildlife photography by BJ. A good resource for free nature and wildlife screensavers. Free screensaver categories include: The Animal Kingdom and Nature and Scenic Places.

World Wildlife Fund WWF - Download a WWF wallpaper, e-cards and show your support for the protection of endangered species. Plus lots of great animal photos.

The Nature Conservancy free nature and animal conservancy wallpapers, podcast and e-cards from this great nature site.

XaraCube freeware 3D screensaver - THE XaraCube screensaver is a freeware program which allows you to put your own images on 3D spinning cubes. Select the number of spinning boxes you want, what size they are and how quickly they move, then add your images. You can choose any bitmap (.bmp) images, including graphics you have made in packages like Xara3D and Xara X, or photographs you have downloaded to your PC.

Free Distant Planets 3D Screensaver - Distant Planets screensaver generates random sceneries of imaginary planets. Free Download.

Free Cats Play Screen Saver - Free Screensaver featuring Cats. Animated cats play with a red ball, with music and cat sounds. This screensaver is optimized for 800 x 600 screens.

Free Spiderman 3D Screen Saver - The Amazing Spiderman 3d screensaver by Robert Bennett.

The Space Travel Free Screen Saver - A stunning free screen saver for windows that simulates the journey from earth orbit to the Moon's surface and then on to Mars, Jupiter and the Rings of Saturn.

Apollo 11 Free Screen Saver - This screensaver is dedicated to the men of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo who risked their lives, and to the three astronauts of Apollo 1 who gave their lives, so that America could accomplish the greatest achievement of mankind. See the sights and hear the sounds that held the world in awe in the summer of 1969 as Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on another planet. This screensaver is free for everyone to use. Distribute it freely.

Kenja's Creations Free Screensavers - Free screensavers and free desktop themes from this site. Screenshots so you can decide before you download. Free Screensavers include Wolves of the Wild, Winter Scene, Spooky, Horse Art, Native American Art, Christmas Market, Beauty of Space and 3-D Kaleidoscope free screensavers.

The Matrix Free Screen Saver - Free Screensaver based on the movie, with images, music, sound effects and dialogs from the movie. Moulin Rouge Free ScreenSavers -

Free Moulin Rouge Screensavers for PC and Mac. Also free desktop themes and wallpapers.

Free Lite Version Screensavers from Awesome-Screens - All Awesome-Screens free screen savers use high-quality images (1024x768 with low compression). They will fill your screen and look great at any screen resolution (they will work fine for smaller screens too, you won't miss anything). Categories include Antique Autos, Experimental Aircraft, China Landscapes, Cities from Space, Deep Space, Tropical Reefs, Awesome Seasons, Awesome Cloudscapes. Visit the free downloads page.

Nature Postcards Free Nature and Travel Screensavers - Nature postcards provides free nature and travel postcards as well as an assortment of screensavers and puzzles. Categories for free screensavers include Nature and Travel and Space Exploration.